Our Team

GoZero is comprised of a small team of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, scientists, and environmentalists. And we're on a very real mission to be the leader in sustainable packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. We have a combined 25+ years of experience in the space, including packaging, brands, tech, retail, cultivation, and investing.

We’re committed to meeting your needs, offering innovative design solutions and in-depth support to create a stable end-to-end supply chain. We’re consistent, dependable, and reliable, and will give you the peace of mind and backend support you need from start to finish.

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Our promise

We want to create cannabis packaging that does less harm. The only way we can achieve this, is by maintaining the highest standards of sustainability, ethics, and professionalism.

GoZero has a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. We provide innovative, environmentally-preferable products and work with stakeholders, and even competitors, to set and achieve sustainability goals.

Our values

GoZero was born from our deep love and enduring commitment to protecting our environment. We believe our social responsibility is working towards a safer, healthier planet and improving the lives of all who live on it. Our values are expressed in everything we do and in every product we make.


We strive to be on the cutting edge of sustainable material development, material production, manufacturing, and better end-of-life options for packaging.


We know our words matter. So we’ll never put forth any disingenuous marketing spin, false or inflated expectations, or language or images that inflate the environmental-saving value of our products.


The wellbeing of our planet extends to all who live on it. So we conduct our business with integrity and respect for others. We’re committed to being an equal-opportunity employer, gladly abiding by all fair labor practices. We ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country.

We also believe in:

  • Fair dealings with our clients and employees
  • Eliminating risks to the health and safety of our employees and our communities
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion
  • Following anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices to foster a better world for all


We practice what we preach and walk the walk, which means we prioritize the health of the natural environment above our bottom line. Our role and duty is to prevent undue harm to the planet. A clean and unpolluted world benefits everyone, which requires honoring the environment ahead of profits. Humanity's constant focus on higher profits at the earth’s expense has put us all in a dangerous position. Putting the environment first is the only way it can be restored.

Stewardship of our planet is vital to environmental as well as social progress. This means adopting important measures to help realize our environmental goals like:

  • Recycling
  • Energy conservation
  • Using environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Following best practices when disposing of garbage and using chemical substances


Our company is driven for good, and this drive extends into actions outside the office. We actively volunteer with charitable organizations and encourage all of our employees to do the same. It can be done through programs organized internally or externally, and at times we may sponsor or partake in volunteering events with other organizations. We get even more by giving as a team.


Staying abreast of the most effective ways of restoring our environment is critical to achieving our goals. We actively invest in research and development to meet and exceed sustainability goals. We also listen carefully to new ideas and stay open to suggestions to achieve the most robust results. We won’t be stagnant in our process and commit to always be teachable. We must continuously improve to efficiently improve the health of our planet and the lives of people on it.